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As of lately, restaurants have been opting to offer takeout and delivery options due to the coronavirus pandemic. Almost everyone is advised to stay at home to minimize the spread of the virus. Because of this, people at home are choosing to have their food delivered to the comforts of their own homes.

A lot of restaurants are advised to close down indefinitely to minimize foot traffic. If you are one of the restaurants who are lucky enough to still be allowed to operate through takeout and delivery, then read our guide. This talks about how to properly execute takeout and delivery during this coronavirus pandemic.

Think about what your Restaurants‘ Guests Really Need

You are in the hospitality industry, and your guests’ welfare and best interests should be your first priority. You should consider tweaking your delivery and takeout menu to make sure that you will be serving it fresh and warm to your guests’ doorsteps.

As a restaurant owner, you should also consider the nutrition of the food. People are getting really health-conscious during these difficult times. Think of food that can be easily produced, cooked, and stored. This way, you can easily send it out to your customers when needed. Also, while offering healthy types of food is important, serving comfort food is a must as well. This is because most people are getting extremely stressed out these days.

Help Keep the Environment Safe

The environment can use all of the help that it needs, especially during times like these. You’ll be using tons of containers for takeout and delivery, and you should consider its sustainability. Avoid using styrofoam and plastic containers. You should, instead, try producing ones that are made of paper so it would be easier to recycle.

You should also cut off on plastic cutlery. Consider urging your customers to just use their own spoons, forks, and knives since they will be eating inside their own homes. Make sure you’ll also be calculating the ingredients well so you would not have to throw leftovers out.

Think About Offering Groceries and the Likes

Supermarkets are running out of the essentials, and it would truly help a lot if you could offer some of these essentials to your customers for takeout and delivery as well. You most probably have direct contact with suppliers, so ask them if you could get a few of their stuff in bulk to resell.

It’s the least you can do to help your customers, and we are sure that they would truly appreciate this simple gesture.

Make Sure to Triple Check in the Restaurants Before Sending Out

Deliveries are almost impossible to send back out, especially during this quarantine period. Make sure to triple check your customers’ orders before having them delivered. Emotions and stressors are already at an all-time high, and giving them the wrong order will only add to it.

Have a person or a team check the deliveries before sending them out. You can also check them out yourself so you can be sure that everything is properly prepared before being sent out to your customers.

Now, let’s get onto the coronavirus updates in Germany

  • As of April 7, 2020, there are exactly 103,375 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the country. The total death toll is now at 1,810, and 36,081 have recovered so far. These numbers are expected to rise as testings are still currently ongoing.
  • The fatal cases have been remarkably low compared to its neighboring countries. Germany’s fatality rate is just at 1.6 percent, while Italy has 12 percent, and Spain with 10 percent.
  • According to Professor Hendrik Streeck, the director of the Institute of virology at the University Hospital Bonn, the average age of the people who got the virus in Germany are mostly young and healthy. This explains why a lot of COVID-19 patients in Germany tend to recover from the virus.
  • Also, mass testing has been pretty good, fast, and accurate in Germany. This is why they detect it early and are able to treat it right away, even the ones with just mild symptoms.
  • Additionally, there are lots of intensive care beds available in the whole country. The government implements a very strict set of rules and guidelines regarding social distancing.
  • Germans trust the government enough to abide by their rules, which helps with flattening the curve.

So while restaurants are closing indefinitely, now is the perfect time to reach out to food consultants. This will help you make sure that you will be getting state fundings for it. Reach out to Eat Excellence and talk to us about your current worries regarding your restaurants‘ situation. We can help you get the state fundings that you need so you would not have to sacrifice anything during these trying times.