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We are in the middle of a coronavirus pandemic, and it’s no secret that the food and restaurant industry has been suffering because of this. Almost every business in the whole world is affected by this global crisis. However, entrepreneurs are trying to do their best to still keep their businesses up and running.

Unfortunately, some restaurants are forced to shut down indefinitely. This is either as advised by the government or as a voluntary effort to try and contain the deadly coronavirus. Today, we will discuss some of the things that you should remember as a restaurant owner during this pandemic.

Consider Offering Delivery and Takeout

The government still allows most restaurants to offer takeout and delivery during this period, so you should consider offering these options to your customers. You don’t have to offer everything on your menu, too, because you can opt to just offer food that is simple and easy to prepare.

A lot of people are quarantined and staying inside their houses for a long period of time. Because of this, most of them would want to go for deliveries and takeouts instead of cooking their own food. This way, not only will you be able to help, but you still would be able to continue your operations in some type of way.

Look for Support During the Coronavirus Pandemic

You’d need all the support that you can get during these trying times. You can get advice from like-minded entrepreneurs, but now that everyone’s stuck inside their own homes, you can try and join online forums and groups instead.

There’s this Facebook group called Industry United where you can talk to other entrepreneurs about what they are doing currently and how they are handling the situation. You can also reach out to food consultants like Eat Excellence, as we can help you get state fundings. This is especially important these days, as the crisis can hit your business hard.

Take Good Care of your Staff

Your business is not the only thing that will be affected by the global pandemic – your staff will be, too. You’d be forced to temporarily and indefinitely close your business, which means that the staff would not have anywhere to go.

Make sure that they will still be well compensated or at least supported during the crisis. You can ask the government for support, as they usually offer some type of support for workers during times like these. Make sure to be ready with the papers and documents.

Clean and Disinfect to Get Rid of Coronavirus

You’ve most likely done this already, but we’re including this here anyway since it is extremely important. Make sure to wipe all of the restaurant’s surfaces and disinfect with an FDA-approved disinfectant.

You should also wear masks and avoid direct contact with other people to limit the transmission of the virus. Cash should also be disinfected, as it is possibly one of the most common carriers of germs.

Additional Information About how the German Government is Handling the Pandemic

A lot of you might have a couple of questions about how the German government is currently handling the pandemic and the problems surrounding it. We have included a couple of important and crucial things that you should know. These things apply to restaurant owners, micro-business owners, startups, and self-employed people who are affected by the pandemic:

  • You can get a one-time grant of up to EUR 9,000 if you own a company that has about 5 employees. For those who have 10 employees, you can get up to EUR 15,000. These grants are available for up to two or three months.
  • When it comes to basic security, the benefits can be claimed by people who are self-employed. You just have to provide some of the requirements to prove that your income will dramatically be affected by the crisis. Simply submit your application for the basic social security benefits before June 30, 2020 to qualify.
  • For business loans, companies that have been in the market for five years or more are qualified. Contact your bank to ask about the details and the requirements.
  • If you have any other question/s regarding the pandemic, then go ahead and visit this website.

Overall, we should always listen to what our health workers say about keeping ourselves safe during this outbreak. Always wash your hands, maintain proper hygiene, and always disinfect your home and car. Avoid going out and maintain a safe distance between you and other people. Again, if you need help with getting state fundings, you can always contact Eat Excellence.